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Now NY’s Finest Bakery in Monrovia CA

NEW YORK’S FINEST BAKERY & CAFÉ is a fantastic European style bakery, located in the city of West Covina on Sunset Avenue; across from West Covina Court House. We take pride in baking the most premium and unique European pastries, and cookies that are made with the freshest and finest ingredients and traditional recipes.
New York’s Finest Bakery and Café offers a wide selection of pastries, including éclair, Napoleon, creampuff, cannoli, tiramisu, cappuccino, chocolate mousse, fruit tart, cream Brule, cheese cake. On a daily basis, we make fresh croissants, Danishes, muffins, and cookies. We have a wonderful and refreshing line of premium coffees, teas, espresso, cappuccino, and chai tea to fit your taste.
New York’s Finest Bakery and Café also has a large dine in or to take out menu comprised of International foods made of fresh ingredients from scratch. We serve breakfast, Italian style hot or cold sandwiches, pizza, Mediterranean kitchen, Kabobs, Grilled entrees, burgers, hot wings, salads, soups, and many delicious sides. This outstanding bakery has indoor and outdoor seating. Our staff is very pleasant and polite, because our goal is to make our customers feel at home and satisfied. So why not take a well-deserved break from your busy day to visit us and experience the joyous products we have to offer.